the faq. any questions?

May I repost your translations on forums/websites/blogs?
No. Posting snippets of translations as long as you give credit is fine with me. However, if you'd rather repost the whole translation, a link will suffice.

May I translate your translations into other languages?
Sure! As long as you credit chuushite, it's fine.

May I use your translations for subs/karaoke?
Yes, just follow internet courtesy and give credit when credit is due.

Translate this, please?
I'm normally a pushover, but no. NO REQUESTS. ...unless I love you. 8D

It has come to my attention that PMs inquiring about my translation at chuushite are being sent to the wrong person. The person in question has informed me that these people send their PMs to the community and this has occurred more than once. To prevent this from happening, all questions regarding the community and its translations must be placed in a comment on this post from now on.

Comments are screened. Anonymous comments are on, but only because there may be others who might not have a Livejournal. Please leave your e-mail address as well so that I may contact you.

Have a nice day! ☀

Oh man.

So I ttly didn't have the time to pull off an April Fool's joke on you guys. Mannnn. Oh well, there's always next year. o/ In other news, March 2008 Potato is up! ... okay not really, just Inoo's, Hikaru's and Yuto's parts. I think you guys will find them interesting. No matter how old the article is. orz

EDIT lol I forgot to say that the post was locked. Oops? ;;; You can join to see the post, or you can wait until I finish all 10 and unlock it.

[Lyrics][初音ミク] ワールドイズマイン [T]

World is Mine is a song composed, written and arranged by supercell with the Vocaloid software using the Hatsune Miku voice pack. I couldn't find a decent translation of this song, so I decided to do it myself. Maybe I wasn't looking hard enough, but oh well. Tried to add personality to this, as I don't normally do so in translations because I fail. XD Kanji here. The song can be downloaded from there, too. This is a repost since I'm moving all my translations here, so this community won't be solely focusing on JE as of today. Expect some flumpool and Fukui Mai lyrics when I'm not busy.

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