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16 December 2008 @ 03:34 pm
[Duet][Jan 2009] Yabu Kota x Yaotome Hikaru - YY CLUB  
Um. Lol. Just. Yabu and Hikaru.

Yabu & Yaotome's YY Club
The event that brings everyone's spirits up has got to be Christmas, isn't it? Because of that, Yabu & Hikaru are here to bring your spirits up! ... hmm, is it a little lonely?


Yabu There's a Christmas talk here too, huh. We talk about how fun Christmas is so much, the winter's cold wind blows about in our hearts.
Yaotome Don't say that. We spent last year's Christmas eve together, didn't we?
Yabu That was at the Tackey & Tsubasa Christmas concert. (laugh) But I like how Christmas concerts don't have that sparkling atmosphere on any other day.
Yaotome Will JUMP do a Christmas dinner show?
Yabu Dinner show!? Aren't you going a little too fast?
Yaotome You and I will be in the audience and the other eight people will sing and dance for us.
Yabu Nice~! While those guys work hard, we'll be eating good food and applauding them once in a while. (laugh) Alright, when this is over, I'll check out some hotel banquets.
Yaotome Actually, if I didn't have work, I'd like to gather my family and friends and eat with them, like a party.
Yabu I don't celebrate in a showy way that much.
Yaotome Yabu and I have a dream for the future. When we get older, as we rouse with people from different countries, we'll watch the World Cup in a sports bar with a huge screen!
Yabu We promised, didn't we~ We have to make it happen! This isn't Christmas talk, though.
Yaotome Clearly speaking, I don't want to spend Christmas with the other members. I want to be with the person I like.
Yabu Pfft, you mean if you had one.
Yaotome Yeah, if I had one... (distant gaze) It's okay! It's just a dream I have this Christmas. It's okay, Christmas isn't that important to me. (sniff)
Yabu Aha! While you've been dragging that out, you said the opposite on a whim at the end.
Yaotome It's like "I'm a little lucky if there's cake at home when I get back. ♪"
Yabu My parents didn't give me anything last year (2007). I didn't mind at all, but three months after the New Year they suddenly told me, 「Come to think of it, we didn't give you a present, did we?」
Yaotome How late! I wonder what made them remember all of a sudden.
Yabu My birthday present was late too. This is a son's hunch, but when my mom buys the things I want, she doesn't remember. Hikaru gave me a strap with a charm on it on my birthday. I'll surely repay him on his birthday this year.
Yaotome I wonder what I'll get~♪
Yabu I know what Hikaru wants. He wants things he can use everyday. Utility over impression.
Yaotome Ahahahaha (←bullseye)
Yabu Computer goods will make you happier than accessories, right?
Yaotome Well yeah. Oh yeah, I think it would be great if I could listen to music in the bath.
Yabu I've got it. A music player you can set up with waterproof speakers. They sell those at discount shops near studios, right?
Yaotome Are you serious? Then let's get one on the way home ♥ I -- Hey! You were talking about my present, weren't you!
Yabu Well, well. (laugh) It's boring if I tell you what I'm gonna get you, right? I won't betray you, so look forward to it.
Yaotome Oh yeah, I thought of relating this talk to music, but JUMP doesn't have a Christmas song yet.
Yabu Yeah, we don't have an original Christmas song.
Yaotome I'll write one! It'll be a fun party song. Alright, we'll see it at the dinner show~
Yabu We're not really having a dinner show, so stop that. (laugh) But making us a Christmas song, I approve!
Yaotome We'll make a good song that lets Christmas loose♪
Yabu I kind of might want to object to this plan... (laugh)

Do not repost. Corrections are appreciated. :D
tinuviel228: Hikabutinuviel228 on December 16th, 2008 02:24 pm (UTC)
I think YabuHika are really BFFL
anyways, thanks for translating!! ♥